My Predi, the medical telemonitoring smart platform

My Predi is an intelligent platform for healthcare with original architecture. It is intended for patients with chronic disease that require long-term management. My Predi is a preventive solution that enables early detection of decompensation events. My Predi empowers patients to play an active role in their healthcare and feel more involved in the management of their condition.

General principle

The medical alert device has been tested and validated through several clinical trials as part of institutional projects. It enables the daily monitoring of the patient’s condition from where they are living using connected (medical bracelet, scales, etc.) and non-invasive medical devices, by measuring vital signs, such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation or heart rate. In the event of a situation that could lead to decompensation, the platform alerts the healthcare professional.és.png

An intelligent and customisable platform

My Predi is an operational platform used in different types of organisations, for example medical practices, clinics, nursing homes and hospitals. It offers a range of very sophisticated services based on an intelligent and scalable architecture.

An innovation in connected health

The platform uses artificial intelligence based on knowledge and medical experiments conducted in hospital. This intelligent algorithm processes the data and generates alerts by detecting the warning signs that ultimately lead to hospitalisation.

Improve the communication between patients and health professionals

By playing a more active role in their health, the patient feels more involved in their care. And the intelligent platform improve the communication and the relationship between patients and doctors. With My Predi, medical management is facilitated and formalised.

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