E-care project

Field : Cardiology

Objective : Validation of an original predictive telemonitoring model for the elderly

Description : The E-care platform was deployed in a 20-bed unit led by Professor Andres at the University Hospitals of Strasbourg. This was used to monitor 197 patients with more than 1,500 measurements performed over one year. The ergonomics of the E-care platform and relevance of its alerts were analysed from a medical point of view.


Field : Digestive Surgery

Objective : To assess enhanced recovery after surgery

Description : This project on enhanced recovery applied to digestive surgery was to evaluate physical activity (key factor in postoperative outcome) in 50 patients at Lausanne University Hospital. In this context, the E-care platform enabled the automated collection of data.


Field : Digestive Surgery

Objective : To evaluate the effect of activity and sleep on enhanced recovery after surgery

Description : This medical experiment, conducted in the Department of Digestive and General Surgery led by Professor Rohr was for patients who had undergone surgery for colorectal cancer. The data on sleep and activity from 2,500 of these patients was collected and centralised by E-care before, during and after their hospitalisation.

E-care HAT

Field : Gerontology, nursing home structure

Objective : To improve patient care

Description : E-care HAT is a console implemented in several nursing homes of the Mutualité Française d’Anjou Mayenne. This connected mobile console improves the monitoring of vital signs and facilities the coordination of medical staff in the event of a risk situation identified by the E-care platform.

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